Pricing: 2 men + truck

$109 ph
(15-18m3 approx, good for 1-2 bedroom places)
$119 ph
(20-26m3 approx, good for 1-2.5 bedroom places)
$129 ph
(27-31m3 approx, good for 2-3 bedroom places)
$139 ph
(32-36m3 approx, good for 2-3 + bedroom places)
$149 ph
(36-40m3 approx, good for 2.5-4 bedroom places)

Saturdays add $10ph, Sundays add $20ph, and public holidays add $30ph

If you would like an extra man please add $54 to the above truck prices.

We bill in 30 min increments with the above hourly rates. So for example if the job went for 2 hours and 53 mins at $99 per hour, we would simply say 3 hours at $99 per hour.

As with most removal companies there are callout / travel fees with some of our jobs. These may be waived on some jobs depending on where the job is going to and from.

Payment is upon completion of the job by cash, or by Mastercard or Visa with a 1% surcharge.

With most jobs there is a 2 hour minimum charge.

There may be a heavy cartage charge on really heavy items. We also have the right to refuse to lift certain items if we feel it is too dangerous and not in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety codes.

Sometimes we may send two trucks instead of one depending on our truck availability but when this happens we make sure it adds up to the same carrying capacity or greater.

The above pricing includes G.S.T, and insurance.